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Welcome to on-line home of North Attleboro Youth Basketball

Welcome to the on-line home of North Attleboro Youth Basketball

501-3c Non-Profit Organization

2014/15 Tryout Results

Thank you to all who tried out!!!

4th Boys Red
Trevor Barry 4th Boys Red
Gregory Berthiaume 4th Boys Red
Dylan Capua 4th Boys Red
Eddie Cinelli 4th Boys Red
Sean Finucane 4th Boys Red
Dillon Harding 4th Boys Red
Nathan MacDonald 4th Boys Red
Derek Maceda 4th Boys Red
Connor Murphy 4th Boys Red
Nathan Shultz 4th Boys Red
Zachary Smahi 4th Boys Red
Mark Vogel 4th Boys Red
4th Boys White
Dante Bruschi, Jr. 4th Boys White
Givani Carney 4th Boys White
Cameron Congdon 4th Boys White
Ayden Delaney 4th Boys White
Blake Donovan 4th Boys White
Harrison Gagne 4th Boys White
Case Mankins 4th Boys White
Sean McCarthy 4th Boys White
Jack Munley 4th Boys White
Joseph Quinn 4th Boys White
Jovany Rivera 4th Boys White
Christian Stachera 4th Boys White
Nicholas Yanchuk 4th Boys White
4th Girls
Madison Bailey 4th Girls
Anna Cinelli 4th Girls
Keira Cronin 4th Girls
Emily Dubord 4th Girls
Amy Freitas 4th Girls
Kylie James 4th Girls
Megan Ladd 4th Girls
Ava McKeon 4th Girls
Grace Noreck 4th Girls
Caylie Rachwal 4th Girls
Samantha Reale 4th Girls
Julia Simpson 4th Girls
Brooke Sullivan 4th Girls
Kacey Thompson 4th Girls
5th Boys Red
Tyler Bannon 5th Boys Red
Nathan Bennett 5th Boys Red
Clayton Billingkoff 5th Boys Red
Tyler DeMattio 5th Boys Red
John Egan 5th Boys Red
Daniel Haggarty 5th Boys Red
Joey Perriello 5th Boys Red
Casey Poirier 5th Boys Red
Brody Rosenberg 5th Boys Red
Jason Tronti 5th Boys Red
Jared Vacher 5th Boys Red
Gavin Wells 5th Boys Red
5th Boys White
Matthew Antonetti 5th Boys White
James Brennan 5th Boys White
Sean Coady 5th Boys White
Aidan Crump 5th Boys White
Jace Delaney 5th Boys White
David Floyd 5th Boys White
Aidan McKeon 5th Boys White
Nick Mercure 5th Boys White
Joseph Morin 5th Boys White
Silas Noble 5th Boys White
Connor Ruppert 5th Boys White
Brody Smith 5th Boys White
5th Girls Red
Abigail Camelio 5th Girls Red
Haley Coupal 5th Girls Red
Ava Detorie 5th Girls Red
Summer Doherty 5th Girls Red
Carly Guertin 5th Girls Red
Mandi Hanewich 5th Girls Red
Betsy Norko 5th Girls Red
Kristy Norko 5th Girls Red
Kasey Osborne 5th Girls Red
Mikayler Patch 5th Girls Red
5th Girls White
Madelyn Corsetti 5th Girls White
Allison Darling 5th Girls White
Morgan Eaton 5th Girls White
Amanda Echeverri 5th Girls White
Sydney Feeney 5th Girls White
Ally Levine 5th Girls White
Chloe Mearn 5th Girls White
Jacqueline Milot 5th Girls White
Isabelle Ouellette 5th Girls White
Kate Paola 5th Girls White
Caileigh Shaw 5th Girls White
6th Boys Red
Jack Campbell 6 Boys Red
Jason Daniels 6 Boys Red
Adam Drummond 6 Boys Red
Ryan Enright 6 Boys Red
Colby Feid 6 Boys Red
Jay Fulkrod 6 Boys Red
George Ladd 6 Boys Red
Christian Mayer 6 Boys Red
Charlie Olson 6 Boys Red
Billy Oram 6 Boys Red
Justin Vecchiarelli 6 Boys Red
6th Boys White
Ryan Adams 6 Boys White
Jordan Bochner 6 Boys White
Max Bumpus 6 Boys White
Jordan Correia 6 Boys White
Matthew Dion 6 Boys White
Dylan Eberle 6 Boys White
John Igoe 6 Boys White
Edan Kelley 6 Boys White
Jack MacLaughlin 6 Boys White
Xavier Millett 6 Boys White
Matthew Penta 6 Boys White
Colin Pond 6 Boys White
Evan Vigorito 6 Boys White
6th Girls Red
Kelly Coady 6 Girls Red
Talia Giansante 6 Girls Red
Camryn Grondell 6 Girls Red
Elizabeth Higgins 6 Girls Red
Amanda Kaiser 6 Girls Red
Kailey Lockavitch 6 Girls Red
Cailyn Maxcy 6 Girls Red
Lydia Santos 6 Girls Red
Siobhan Weir 6 Girls Red
Franchesca Yanchuck 6 Girls Red
6th Girls White
Emma Bailey 6 Girls White
Kate Benker 6 Girls White
Belle Clarkin 6 Girls White
Mary Coyne 6 Girls White
Gianna Detorie 6 Girls White
Alexis Gunn 6 Girls White
Julia Horrocks 6 Girls White
Mia Masciarelli 6 Girls White
Catherine McConville 6 Girls White
Jordyn Sullivan 6 Girls White
7th Boys Red
Ethan Friberg 7 Boys Red
Owen Harding 7 Boys Red
Tim Holden 7 Boys Red
Aidan Johnson 7 Boys Red
Brady Johnson 7 Boys Red
Nick Norko 7 Boys Red
Thomas O'Neill 7 Boys Red
Casey Poirier 7 Boys Red
Joshua Porter 7 Boys Red
Ryan Rajotte 7 Boys Red
7th Boys White
Andrew Barry 7 Boys White
Duane Bryant Jr 7 Boys White
Cody Butanowicz 7 Boys White
Joey Coscarella 7 Boys White
Brett Dusel 7 Boys White
Benjamin Ellis 7 Boys White
Trevor Hewett 7 Boys White
Jack O'Brien 7 Boys White
Jack Perriello 7 Boys White
Alex Pfeffer 7 Boys White
Joseph Sugrue 7 Boys White
Adam Testa 7 Boys White
7th Girls Red
Elizabeth Buron 7 Girls Red
Livi Correia 7 Girls Red
Eliza Dion 7 Girls Red
Regan Fein 7 Girls Red
Olivia Forbes 7 Girls Red
Ashley Kelly 7 Girls Red
Julia Kleczkowski 7 Girls Red
Jillian Margetta 7 Girls Red
Emily Nelson 7 Girls Red
Colette Petit 7 Girls Red
Michelle Pothier 7 Girls Red
7th Girls White
Skyler Beaulieu 7 Girls White
Meredith Bourque 7 Girls White
Lily Cameron 7 Girls White
Grace Cole 7 Girls White
Lexi Congdon 7 Girls White
Cateltyn Coughlan 7 Girls White
Mariah Daniels 7 Girls White
Taylor Gorman 7 Girls White
Natalie Kaiser 7 Girls White
Kylie Melanson 7 Girls White
Grace Munley 7 Girls White
Emma Strachan 7 Girls White
8th Boys Red
Ryan Clemente 8 Boys Red
Adam Falcone 8 Boys Red
Jonathan James 8 Boys Red
Josh Montague 8 Boys Red
Owen Nassaney 8 Boys Red
Skyler Poirier 8 Boys Red
Paul Roche 8 Boys Red
Matthew Seavey 8 Boys Red
Matt Wanless 8 Boys Red
Shawn Watters 8 Boys Red
8th Boys White
Jacob Antonitis 8 Boys White
Xavier Bolano 8 Boys White
Tedy Bruschi, Jr. 8 Boys White
Nate Crawford 8 Boys White
Ryan Gaumond 8 Boys White
Nick Giansante 8 Boys White
Nathan Gonsalves 8 Boys White
Nathan Hirsch 8 Boys White
Griffin Hope 8 Boys White
Jacob Peterson 8 Boys White
Evan Rosenberg 8 Boys White
8th Girls Red
Julia Feid 8 Girls Red
Sabrina Hauer 8 Girls Red
Laura Kayata 8 Girls Red
Allie Lahiff 8 Girls Red
Kaylee Mankins 8 Girls Red
Emma Noreck 8 Girls Red
Lauren Pezzi 8 Girls Red
Mackenzie Roberts 8 Girls Red
Elizabeth Smahi 8 Girls Red
Kaley Sullivan 8 Girls Red
8th Girls White
Abigail Calistra 8 Girls White
Sophie Clarkin 8 Girls White
Allison Corsetti 8 Girls White
Madison Enright 8 Girls White
Haley Ferrin 8 Girls White
Megan Flaherty 8 Girls White
Elizabeth Frost 8 Girls White
Shaylee Maxy 8 Girls White
Caroline Peters 8 Girls White
Lexi Sinacola 8 Girls White
Jessica Strachan 8 Girls White


2014-2015 Season Calendar

April - May - June
Spring Basketball - players/coaches organize teams on their own

July - August 2014
Summer Basketball - Coaches typically reach out to their teams from the previous season to gauge interest 

NAYB Summer Basketball Clinics - typically on Sunday evenings at the outdoor courts at NAMS

Summer Basketball Camps 

Sept - October 2014
9/28 - 10/4 - 2014-15 Free Tryouts for 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th

November 2014
Preseason Basketball Clinics/Tournaments

NAYB Jamfest- Preseason Tourney
11/28-29-30 - Thanksgiving Weekend - All NAYB teams play in this tournament

December 2014
Metro West Regular Season Begins
12/7/14 - Practice 2 x week typically with 1 on Saturdays / games on Sundays

February 2015
NAYB Killer B Tournament - February Vacation Week - All NAYB 'B' teams and all the NAYB 4th grade teams play in this tournament. 

March 2015
MetroWest Playoffs
4th & 5th- Completes 1st week in March
6th, 7th, 8th - Completes 2nd week in March

All dates and events are subject to change




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